Tollgate School
Tollgate School
Tollgate School
Tollgate School
Tollgate School
Tollgate School


Client: Jerram Falkus

Sector: Public

Duration: 10 wks

Value: £530k

LF were contracted to complete all Sub Structure and Superstructure works to 3no Separate buildings for the extension scheme to the School. The works included Piling attendance, raft slab, foundations and reinforced concrete frame structures inclusive of reinforced concrete inverted T-Roof Beams forming the roof structure. The detail and the complexity of the works was challenging and constantly changing; we worked well to overcome all issues and provided our client with what they required. Works also included a new network of underground drainage with attenuation tanks. A return visit is due July 2018 for the completion of all externals and hard landscaping.

Specialist Works: Inverted T-Roof beam and formwork solutions


Yard 1

Barton Industrial Estate

Faldo Road


MK45 4RP


Tel: 0845 299 3512

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