Glass wharf
Glass wharf
Glass wharf
Glass wharf
Glass wharf
Glass wharf


Client: Wates

Sector: Commercial Office

Duration: 12 wks

Value: £400k

LF were contracted to complete all enabling works for a new office development for HMRC, directly adjacent to the River Avon. LF completed the reduced level dig, installation of piling mats and guide walls and attendance to the sheet piling and contiguous piling contractors. We constructed an ATOL waterproof reinforced concrete capping beam to the perimeter of the project, for the foundation of the RC frame above. We employed the Dawson WAM support system to construct this proving to be a huge success. The package included full site set up for welfare accommodation and on-site parking for the construction process.

Specialist Works: Integrated pile cap formwork system


Yard 1

Barton Industrial Estate

Faldo Road


MK45 4RP


Tel: 0845 299 3512

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